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1 Firmendaten

Vollständiger Name....: ACCA, "Addizionatrici, Calcolatrici, Contabili e Affini"
Ort, Land.............: Milano, Italien
Gründer...............: Gogna brothers and Traverso (?)
Gründungsdatum........: 1940(?)
Namensänderung........: "Fratelli Gogna e Traverso", "Addicalco srl", "Addicalco Concessionaria srl"
Löschung der Firma....: still in business
Hauptprodukte.........: calculating machines and document storage systems

2 Firmengeschichte

In September 1940, ACCA received funds by Italian government to develop "national" products (see  [1] pag. 261)

After WW2, ACCA bougth old tool press gear used for the Comptometer model 'J' and started Addicalco production. First models was quite identical to Comptomer J. Then some improvements was added.

Since 1988 compapany changed name in "Addicalco Concessionaria srl" and produces various equipments for document storage and retrieval.

3 Rechner

4 Website

5 Andere Produkte, Reklame

6 Wichtige Personen

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7 Literatur

8 Weitere Informationen

ACCA Addicalco

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