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Diskussion:Unis France

A Belgian collector wrote on Drawing Instruments Yahoo Group that "Each manufacturer was granted his own number, for instance the slide rules manufacturer Marc was number 1919." and "I suspect the name of these brands stands for the initials of their owner: LP and LG pronounced in French sound like ELPE and ELGE. It's rather a usual way to find a pen or stage name in French. Hergé, the author of Tintin, was actually named Remi Georges (hence RG, hence Hergé)."

I hope this can help to understand numbers and names associated to UNIS-France. Celli 10:36, 8. Lug 2010 (CEST)

Nach Aussage von Herrn Joss ist "UNIS FRANCE" eine Marke, Besitzer: H. Morin, Paris. U.a. auch Rechenschäbe (F. Diestelkamp 20:33, 21. Mai 2019 (CEST))