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Industria Calcolatrici Scriventi S.p.a.


Comptograph aus der Patentschrift US2905382

Table of contents

1 Firmendaten

Vollständiger Name....: Industria Calcolatrici Scriventi S.p.A.
Ort, Land.............: Roma, Italien
Factories.............: Borgomanero, Italien
Gründer...............: Guido Carnacina
Gründungsdatum........: 1936
Löschung der Firma....: 1958(?)
Hauptprodukte.........: Rechenmaschinen

2 Firmengeschichte

3 Rechner

Model Capacity driver operations
Comptograph 60 11x11 electric addition
Comptograph 70 11x11 electric addition, multiplication
Comptograph 80 11x11 electric adder, mult., automatic division

4 Andere Produkte, Reklame

5 Wichtige Personen

5.1 Firmengründer

5.2 Konstrukteure

5.3 sonstige Personen

6 Literatur

7 Weitere Informationen

Trademark Pitagora was registered in Italian Ufficio Brevetti, number 51818.

Trademark ComptOgrapH was filled on May, 7 1951 in Italian Ufficio Brevetti, number 104766.

Industria Calcolatrici Scriventi was present in Fiera di Milano in years 1953, 1955, 1956 and 1957, not in 1958, 1960 and 1961. Other catalogues are not available.

Comptograph had very poor commercial results. But Carnacina's printing mechanism was quoted as author or examinator reference in several other patents (see discussion) and it was used for NCR machines. E.G. in NCR Patent:US3311300 authors wrote: «This particular printing mechanism is the same as that disclosed in United States Patent No. 2,905,382, issued to Guido Carnacina»


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