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Patent:US 2297383
Title:Differential mechanism for Cash Registers
Place:Torino, Italien
Person:Beria, Biagio (P)
Company: RIV (P) Società Anonima Officine Villar Perosa
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 US2297383 (espacenet),  US2297383 (uspto)

Filing date: Mar 28, 1936
Issue date: Sep 29, 1942

This invention is a division of application Serial No. 71,522 filed March 28, 1936 by the same applicant and relating to a cash register comprising a main shaft and a driving member for each row of amount keys, which perform in a first period of the operation a forward rotation and in a second period of the operation a backward rotation over a constant extent, whereby each driving member moves a wheel setting the wheels of the totalizer, the indicator and the type wheels by an extent which is proportional to the value of the depressed key.