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Pfeil.gif Patents  Pfeil.gif USA  Pfeil.gif 1992

Patente aus den USA 1992

  • Patent:US5080592 14.01.1992 Laghi, Aldo A. : Variable action quincunx pinplate
  • Patent:US5084609 28.01.1992 Saber Gilbert F : Trigonometric Slide Rule
  • Patent:US5123170 23.06.1992 Enrique, Castaneda-Mori : Ellipsograph as a drafting tool
  • Patent:US5123171 23.06.1992 Langston, Charles F. : Irregular surface ellipsograph
  • Patent:US5134692 28.07.1992 Hiromori, Junji Hiromori Inv. : Combined electronic calculator and abacus with deflective guide bars
  • Patent:US5136965 11.08.1992 Tamburro Jr Louis : Part number Slide Rule apparatus
  • Patent:US5137302 11.08.1992 Henry R. Angel : Analog slide display
  • Patent:US5148006 15.09.1992 Driscoll, William A. (Maplewood, MN) : Mechanical device for determining the modulus and loss factor of a damping material based upon temperature and frequency
  • Patent:US5149269 22.09.1992 Ylitalo, Howard (R.R. 2, Box 106, Cokato, MN 55321) : Manual teaching calculator
  • Patent:US5173566 22.12.1992 Hiraoka, Tadashi : Apparatus for rapid reference to musical scales

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