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Index: machines (1202 Artikel)

ABC 204 to Ascota Klasse 071
Ascota Klasse 110 to Brunsviga D 13 Z
Brunsviga D 1407 E to Conto B
Conto C to Facit 1007
Facit 1051 to Herring Computing Machine
Herzstark to Mercedes A 57
Mercedes Euklid 1 to Odhner 127
Odhner 129 to Olympia RAS 3/12 (alt)
Olympia RAS 3/12 (neu) to Remington 2000
Remington 74 to Stiatti Rational
Stiatti S 12 to Triumphator Typ III, IV
Triumphator Typ V, VI to Yazu Arithmometer
Zähler (Schaeffer und Budenberg) to Zolnay Endre