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  • Patent:CH458796 30.06.1968 Arvai, Tibor (P) : Rechenwerk fuer Zehntasten-Rechenmaschine
  • Patent:GB418670 25.10.1934 Earl Worden Chafee Hugh Murtagh Shierfield George Myers Sperry (P) Gyroscope Comp. Inc. : Improvements in or relating to gun fire control directors
  • Patent:SE92181 29.06.1937 F.R. House Sperry (P) Gyroscope Comp. Inc. : Anordning för lokalisering av luftfartyg
  • Patent:US2027926 14.01.1936 Shierfield G. Meyers Earl W. Chafee Sperry (P) Gyroscope Comp. Inc. : Gunfire director system
  • Patent:US2069417 02.02.1937 Hugh Murtagh Bruna A. Wittkuhns Sperry (P) Gyroscope Comp. Inc. : Fire control system
  • Patent:US2235826 25.03.1941 Earl W. Chafee Sperry (P) Gyroscope Comp. Inc. : Antiaircraft fire control system
  • Patent:US2340865 08.02.1944 Earl W. Chafee Sherfield G. Myers Sperry (P) Gyroscope Comp. Inc. : Antiaircraft fire control director
  • Patent:US2385348 25.09.1945 Earl W. Chafee Sperry (P) Gyroscope Comp. Inc. : Fire control system for aircraft
  • Patent:US2388680 13.04.1945 Edward Dawson Sperry (P) Gyroscope Comp. Inc. : Ball, disk and drum mechanism
  • Patent:US2396701 19.03.1946 Carl G. Holschuh Oscar A. Vielehr Sperry (P) Gyroscope Comp. Inc. : Computing aircraft gun sight
  • Patent:US2442792 08.06.1948 Gifford E. White David J. Campbell Arthur A. Hauser Thom R. Greene Sperry (P) Corp. : Apparatus for determining fuse setting data
  • Patent:US2621855 16.12.1952 Arthur A. Hauser Sperry (P) Corp. : Bar linkage computer
  • Patent:US2638269 12.05.1953 Carl G. Holschuh Dravid Fram Sperry (P) Corp. : Ballistic mechanism
  • Patent:US2702667 22.02.1955 Ford, Hannibal (P) Raymond E. Crooke William H. Newell Sperry (P) Corp. : Computing apparatus
  • Patent:US2928593 15.03.1960 Raymond E. Crooke Sperry (P) Rand Corp. : Gun-fire control system
  • Patent:US2953299 20.09.1960 Edward J. Nagy Frederic L. Baxter Jr Sperry (P) Rand Corp. : Ballistic apparatus adjustable for different types of projectiles
  • Patent:US2996243 15.08.1961 Howard E. Lustig Sperry (P) Rand Corp. : Rocket ballistics computer
  • Patent:US3190554 22.06.1965 Arthur J. Gehring, Jr. Marvin Jacoby Trevor Drake Reader Sperry (P) Rand Corp. : Pure fluid computer
  • Patent:US3193197 06.06.1965 Peter Bauer Sperry (P) Rand Corp. : Binary counter stages having two fluid vortex amplifiers
  • Patent:US3348768 24.10.1967 Richard E. Busch Sperry (P) Rand Corp. : Accumulation selecting mechanism for calculating machine
  • Patent:US3478858 18.11.1969 Tibor Arvai Sperry (P) Rand Corp. : Inking mechanism for calculators and like machines

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