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ABA to Addiator Perplex
Addiator Piccolo to Addo-X 7341-60
Addo-X 80 E to American Digest 1924
American Machinist to Aristo Streckenzugtafel 1780
ArithMachine Material to A Brief Introduction of Chinese Mechanical Calculator
Babbage, Charles to Baum Additionsmaschine
Baum Anleitung to Blater 1887
Blater 1888 to Briggs 1631b
Briggs 1760 to Brunsviga MJ
Brunsviga MJ, MJI to Caille/Lalande 1804
Caillet 1854 to Christison 1848
CIAM to Continental Pultmaschinen
Continental Werbung to DDR
DE155445 to Differential Analyzer
Differenzenmaschine to Dupuis 1859
Dupuis 1861 to Enstörfilter
Entstörfilter to Facit ESA-O
Facit LX to Fingerfit Kinderrechengerät
Fingerrechenmaschine to Gardiner 1773
Gardiner 1782 to Geschichte
Geschichte der mechanischen Rechenmaschinen to Gregory 1841
Greif Material to Haertel 2019/3
Haertel 2019/4 to Hebellöschung
Hebentanz, Ferdinand to Hoüel 1901c
Hoüel 1905 to IRIS
Irler 2010 to Kepler 1650
Kepler 1657 to Komet TA
Komma-Automatik to L'Eclair Material
Lack to Layton 1915
Layton Improved Material to Little Marvel Adder
Litton to Mackay 1810
Mackensen 1969 to Matthias Bäuerle
Matthiessen 1817 to Mercedes Euklid 4
Mercedes Euklid 7 to Monarch Portable 71 90-5
Money 1864 to Müller 1974
Müller J.H.T. 1844 to Nell 1870
Neper, Io. to Obra
Octalsystem to Odhner XX-11-C-9
Odhner XX 11 C 9 to Original-Odhner UdSSR
Original Dinamo to Patente aus den USA 1883
Patente aus den USA 1884 to Patente aus den USA 1983
Patente aus den USA 1984 to Peerless TE
Pehmer/Reese/Waldbauer 2016 to Plus-Taste / Endsumme
Plusmin Material to Privileg
Privileg 300 to Rapid Calcolo
Rapid Calculator Material to Reese/Anthes 2012
Reese/Haertel 2007 to Remington 2000
Remington 74 to Robinson 1957
Robinson 2006 to SA
Sabielny, Hans to Schiebetabelle
Schiebewagen to Schübler 1739
Schuelke 1914 to Serval System
Service Geographique 1891 to Soroban
Sterling Dial-A-Matic to Tafeln und Tabellenwerke
Tanaka, Shohe to TIM II bis V
TIM I miniatur to Triumphator Typ I, II, IIa
Triumphator Typ III, IV to Unitas Material
UNITAS Versuchsmodell to Verwandlungsplanimeter
Verwelkte Rechenmaschinen to Vlack 1683
Vlack 1689 to Walther WSR 11
Walther WSR 110 / 160 to Weiss 2019.3
Weiss 2019.4 to Witzemann 2004
Wizard Calculating Machine to Zehnerübertrag Sperre
Zeilenabstand to Zylinderstift