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ABA to Addiator Perplex
Addiator Piccolo to Addo-X 7341-60
Addo-X 80 E to American Digest 1924
American Machinist to Aristo Streckenzugtafel 1780
ArithMachine Material to A Brief Introduction of Chinese Mechanical Calculator
Babbage, Charles to Baum Additionsmaschine
Baum Anleitung to Blater 1887
Blater 1888 to Briggs 1631b
Briggs 1760 to Brunsviga MJ
Brunsviga MJ, MJI to Caille/Lalande 1804
Caillet 1854 to Christison 1848
CIAM to Continental Pultmaschinen
Continental Werbung to DDR
DE155445 to Die Prosthaphärese
Differential Analyzer to Duplikator Material
Dupuis 1859 to Ensign 97
Enstörfilter to Facit ESA-0
Facit ESA-O to Finess Material
Fingerfit Kinderrechengerät to Gardiner 1770
Gardiner 1773 to Gesamtnullstellen
Geschichte to Gregory/Woolhouse/Heuss 1843
Gregory 1841 to Haertel 2019/2
Haertel 2019/3 to Hebel
Hebellöschung to Hoüel 1901b
Hoüel 1901c to Inzadi Material
IRIS to Kepler 1639
Kepler 1650 to KOMET SK
Komet TA to L'Eclair Materia
L'Eclair Material to Layton's Improved Material
Layton 1915 to Little Giant
Little Marvel Adder to Mackay 1793
Mackay 1810 to Matson
Matthias Bäuerle to Mercedes Euklid 38 SM
Mercedes Euklid 4 to Monarch Material
Monarch Portable 71 90-5 to Müller 1972
Müller 1974 to Nelkenbrecher 1752
Nell 1866 to OA
Oberliesen 1982 to Odhner XX-11-C-6
Odhner XX-11-C-7 to Orga (Maschine)
Orga Rechenmaschine to Patente aus den USA 1881
Patente aus den USA 1882 to Patente aus den USA 1981
Patente aus den USA 1982 to Peerless Rapid
Peerless Rapid Stop-Multiplikation to Plus-Minus-Mal
Plus-Taste to Printator
Prinzess Material to Rapid Addierer
Rapid Adding Machine Material to Reese/Anthes 2001
Reese/Anthes 2009 to Remington 104
Remington 110 to Robertson 1775
Robert Kling to S'COSS
S.A.B.A. to Schickard Maschine
Schieber to Schubert Material
Schubert und Salzer to Semplix
Senkschraube to Soresini 1977
Sormico to Stephenson Adder
Stephens Material to Tabulator
Tabulatortaste to TIM erstes Modell
TIM II bis IV to Triumphator Sparmodell
Triumphator Typ Duplex to UNITAS I
UNITAS II bis V to Verhoeven 2015/1
Vernier, Pierre to Vlack 1681a
Vlack 1681b to Walther S 9
Walther WR16 to Weiss 2019.1
Weiss 2019.2 to Witt 1957
Witze to Zehnerübertragung
Zehnerübertragung (Mechanismus) to Zylinderstift