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ABA to Addiator Perplex
Addiator Piccolo to Addo-X 7341-60
Addo-X 80 E to American Digest 1924
American Machinist to Aristo Streckenzugtafel 1780
ArithMachine Material to A Brief Introduction of Chinese Mechanical Calculator
Babbage, Charles to Baum Additionsmaschine
Baum Anleitung to Blater 1887
Blater 1888 to Briggs 1631b
Briggs 1760 to Brunsviga MJ, MJI
Brunsviga MJR to Caillet 1858
Cajori 1909 to Ciermans
Cieslik 1981 to Contorapid
Conto A to Debenham, Ernest Ridley
Dechales 1690 to Differenzenmaschine Hamann
Differenzenmaschine Thompson to Dupuis 1865
Dupuis 1868 to EOS Material
Ephemeris 1766 to Facit NE
Facit NEA to Fischer 1868
Fischer 1937 to Gardiner 1827
Gardner, Clyde to Gewindebohrung
Gewindebolzen to Greve 1910
Greve 1912 to Halbautomatisch
Halberstadt 1967 to Heger 1914
Heinitz, Woldemar to How to create a new entry for
Hrabak 1895 to Italien
Itemizer Material to Kettenaddierer
Kewitsch 1895 to Köntopp 1963
Kontorsvärlden to Lalande/Lacaille 1760
Lalande/Lacaille 1768 to LeCoutre 1930
Leder, Ernst Material to Locke Adder
Locke Adder Werbung to Madas 16 e
Madas 16 L to Mauser KA
Mauser Material to Mercedes Euklid Mod. 26 W
Mercedes Euklid Mod. 29 to Monroe 1930
Monroe 209 to Multiplexmaschine
Multiplicator Perfettus to Newcomb 1882
Newsletter 1 to Odhner 1204
Odhner 1207 to Olding
Olivetti to Otto Meuter und Sohn
Ott Integrimeter to Patente aus den USA 1895
Patente aus den USA 1896 to Patente aus den USA 1995
Patente aus den USA 1996 to Perry 1717
Persönliche Berichte to Poleni
Polenius to Produx Calculator
Produx Dekadenschieber to Ready Reckoner
ReBo Machine a Calculer to Reese 1995
Reese 1999 to Repetitionsschieber
Result to Rohrberg 1954
Rohrberg 1955 to Sammlertreffen 2011 des italienischen Vereins für Büromaschinen
Sammlertreffen Eichenau 1. Oktober 2006 to Schlömilch 1872
Schlömilch 1890 to Schuelke 1957b
Schuelke 1960 to Sheepshanks 1844b
Sheepshanks 1846 to Speidell 1620
Speidell 1621 to Stifel, Michael
Stift to Tastenknopf
Tastenlöschung to Torchi Rechenmaschine
Torpedo to Trotter 1851
Usan 1967 to Victor 37-57-50
Victor 37-7-0 to Vlack 1768b
Vlack 1775 to Webb, Charles Henry
Webb, Christopher Frederick to Werteverarbeitung, einstufig
Werteverarbeitung, zweistufig to Wolff 1819
Wolff 2016 to Zimmermann 1691
Zimmermann 1896 to Zylinderstift

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