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ABA to Addiator Perplex
Addiator Piccolo to Addo-X 7341-60
Addo-X 80 E to American Digest 1924
American Machinist to Aristo Streckenzugtafel 1780
ArithMachine Material to A Brief Introduction of Chinese Mechanical Calculator
Babbage, Charles to Baum Additionsmaschine
Baum Anleitung to Blater 1887
Blater 1888 to Briggs 1631b
Briggs 1760 to Brunsviga MJ
Brunsviga MJ, MJI to Caille/Lalande 1804
Caillet 1854 to Christison 1844
Christison 1848 to Continental Pult-Sondermaschinen
Continental Pultmaschinen to DBS 1993
DDR to Die Arithmetische Maschine von Pereire 1751
Die Prosthaphärese to Duplicator Material
Duplikator Material to Ensign 90
Ensign 97 to Facit ESA
Facit ESA-0 to Finardi/Mirandola 2014
Finess Material to Gardiner 1742b
Gardiner 1770 to Gersten, Christian
Gesamtnullstellen to Gregorius 1668
Gregory/Woolhouse/Heuss 1843 to Haertel 2019/1
Haertel 2019/2 to Healey
Heath Sektor to Hoüel 1893
Hoüel 1901a to Inzadi C-16
Inzadi m5 to Kepler 1625
Kepler 1627 to Komet Material
KOMET R8 to Küttner und Heinitz
L'Eclair to Law 1851
Lax 1821 to Literatur
Little Adding Wonder to MacFarlane Material
Machinery 1942 to Mathias Bäuerle
Matschoss 1954 to Mercedes Euklid 38
Mercedes Euklid 38 MS to Monarch 93 100-5
Monarch 93 101-5 to Müller 1970
Müller 1971 to Nebenschlussmotor
Neckermann Material to Nystrom's Calculator
NZB 1959 to Odhner X-9-S
Odhner X-9-S-4 to Optimus Material
Optische Anstalt C. P. Goerz to Patente aus den USA 1878
Patente aus den USA 1879 to Patente aus den USA 1978
Patente aus den USA 1979 to Peerless Duplex
Peerless I to Plauzoles 1809
Plu-Mi (Wilkenson) to Priebe 1955a
Priebe 1955b to Rapid-Calculator
Rapida 8 to Reduktionszirkel Proebster
Reed-O-Graph to Remington-77
Remington-Rand to Rivard 1750
Rivard 1757 to Rybner 1955
Rychlopoctar to Scheutz 1858
Scheutz Material to Schubert DR
Schubert DRV to Selling, Eduard
Selling 1905 to Sondereinrichtung
Sonnenschein Material to Stellsegment
Stellstiftwagen to Symphonie Les Echanges
Synchronriemen-Antrieb to Tiger Material
TIM to Triumphator K III
Triumphator Material to Unical Tabelle
Unic Original to Vektator Material
Venal 1872 to Vlack 1665b
Vlack 1665c to Walther RMKZ 16
Walther Simplex 224 m to Weiss 2017.2
Weiss 2017.3 to Wittstein 1907
Wittstein 1912 to Zehnertastatur
Zehnertastatur, Blockform to Zylinderstift

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