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Alphabetischer Gesamtindex ab Calculator_(Scheibenaddierer)

Calculator (Scheibenaddierer)Calculator Machine CoCalculator Material
Calculex RechenmaschineCalculigrapheCalculimètre
CalcumeterCalcus Adding MachineCallet 1783
Callet 1795bCallet 1795gCallet 1803
Callet 1808Callet 1821Callet 1829
Callet 1840Callet 1843Callet 1853
Callet 1855Callet 1861Callet 1890
Callet 1890aCallet 1890cCallet 1894
Callet 1916Callet xxxxCaminati 1879
Campbell-Kelly 2003Campos-1944Camus 1755
Canon 1637Capellaro, NataleCapelli 1736
Cape 1860Carlsten Hellebust 1960Carmichael/Smith 1931
Carr 1843Carstensen 1982Cashmores Proportion Calculator
Cassidy, ButchCastell-AddiatorCastle 1946
Castle 1956Castle 1963Castle 1968
Catalogo Invenzioni e NovitàCavalieri 1632Cavalieri 1643
CBRCBR (Zahlenschieber)CBR CBR
CellatronCellatron R 31Cellatron R 44 SM
CentigrapheCentury MaterialCerta
Cervello d'acciaioCesare VeronaChamard 1942
Chambon TachylemmeChapin, GilbertChappell 1915a
Chappell 1915bChappell 1915cChappell 1931
Chappell 1944Chase, George ClintonChase 1980
Chassis-SeitenwandChateau FreresChateau Material
Checkbook AuditorCheck AdderChemnitzer Verlag 2008
ChiffriergerätChinaChollet 1922
Chrenow 1957Chrenow 1958Chrenow 1963
Chrenow 1966Chrenow 1975Christison 1844
Christison 1848CIAMCiermans
Cieslik 1981Circular Columbus CalculatorCitizen
Citizen 210Citizen 210SCitizen 310
Citizen 410Citizen CA-10Clairaut Material
Clark 1904

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