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Alphabetischer Gesamtindex ab Hulsius_1604

Hulsius 1604Hulsius PlanimeterHülsse 1840
Hunäus 1864HunderterzirkelHunter 1861a
Hunter 1861bHütte 1935Hutton, Charles
Hutton 1785aHutton 1785bHutton 1794a
Hutton 1794bHutton 1794cHutton 1801a
Hutton 1801bHutton 1804Hutton 1807
Hutton 1810Hutton 1811Hutton 1811a
Hutton 1822aHutton 1822bHutton 1830a
Hutton 1830bHutton 1838Hutton 1842
Hutton 1846Hutton 1849Hutton 1855
Hutton 1858Hutton 1860Hyman 1987
HyperbeltafelHyperbeltafel KlothI.P.C. Addierer
Ianniello 2003IBEIBM
IBM 1984IBM Hexadecimal AdderICE calculadoras
Ideal (Archimedes A)IEEEE Annals of the History of ComputingIEEE Annals of the History of Computing
Ifrah 1989IGN 1944Ihle Material
Illgen's RechentafelIM2011IMCA
IMCA-25IMCA-5IMCA Material
Imman 1830Imman 1871Impero
Improved Adder MaterialImproved Willis PlanimeterIM 2010
Inaudy AddiererIndiana MaterialIndien
Indikatorplanimeter UnbekanntIndustria Calcolatrici Scriventi S.p.a.Ingenieur-Messknecht
Institutio Mathematica 166?InstructionIntegraph
Integrierendes PlanimeterIntegrimeterInternational Accounting Material
International Business EquipmentInternational Money Machine MaterialInzadi, Giuseppe
Inzadi, GuiseppeInzadi 916Inzadi C-16
Inzadi m5Inzadi MaterialIRIS
Irler 2010Irler 2012Isgus Material
Istituto Idrografico 1916aIstituto Idrografico 1916bIstituto Idrografico 1938
ItalcalcoloItalienItemizer Material
Ives 1934IWAJ.H. Bassett Co
Jackson 1881Jackson 1883Jacobs/Tumma 2006
Jacob 1911

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