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Alphabetischer Gesamtindex ab Odhner_XX-11-C-9

Odhner XX-11-C-9Odhner XX 11 C 9Odhner X 9 C 7
Oehl/Evers/Kastrop 1961Oeltze 1866Oerlikon Bührle Material
OFOfficeOfficine Serio
OktalsystemÖlbremseOldendorp Planimeter
OldingOlivettiOlivetti-Laden am Markusplatz
Olivetti 1961Olivetti Divisumma 14Olivetti Divisumma 24
Olivetti Divisumma 26 GTOlivetti Elettrosumma 20Olivetti Elettrosumma 22
Olivetti Elettrosumma 23Olivetti Elettrosumma DuplexOlivetti Material
Olivetti MC 14 MOlivetti Mercedes 250Olivetti Multisumma 14
Olivetti Multisumma 20Olivetti Multisumma 22Olivetti Multisumma 24 GT
Olivetti Multisumma MC 4 MOlivetti Summa 15Olivetti Summa 19
Olivetti Summa MC 4Olivetti Summa Prima 20Olivetti Summa Quanta 20 R
Olivetti Tetractys 24Olivetti Tetractys 24 CROlympia
Olympia 1132-070Olympia 1132-080Olympia 1132-70
Olympia 1182-030Olympia 1182-03089Olympia 1182-060
Olympia 122-060Olympia 122-090Olympia 122-160
Olympia 122-260Olympia 132-090Olympia 132-160
Olympia 132-764Olympia 182-030Olympia 182-060
Olympia 182.030Olympia 182.060Olympia 192-030
Olympia 192-060Olympia 1961Olympia 2113-030
Olympia 2193-060Olympia 441-016Olympia ADE
Olympia ADE (132.764)Olympia ADE A01Olympia ADE A01 (132.090)
Olympia AE 10Olympia AE 13Olympia AE 8
Olympia AH 11Olympia AH 11 (2113-030)Olympia AM 209
Olympia Liste 1960Olympia MaterialOlympia OAM
Olympia RAS 12Olympia RAS 3/12Olympia RAS 3/12 (alt)
Olympia RAS 3/12 (neu)Olympia RAS 4/12Olympia RAS 4/15
Olympia RA 16Olympia RT 4OMARO
Omega Pocket Adding MachineOmega Pocket Adding Machine (2seitig)Omiag Material
OMMOM T 107Open University Bobcat
Opera MaterialOppel 1749Oppel 1752
Oppolzer 1866OptimaticOptimus Material
Optische Anstalt C. P. GoerzOrganisationOrga (Maschine)
Orga Rechenmaschine

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