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Patents  Great Britain  1895

  • Patent:GB189406193 27.03.1895 Hopkins, William (P) Wallace : Improvements in or connected with Calculating or Arithmetical Machines
  • Patent:GB189408515 19.01.1895 William Henry Phillips : An Improved Instrument for Calculating the Time of Photographic Exposures
  • Patent:GB189409900 18.05.1895 Watson, Thomas Henry (P) : An Improved Double Slide Rule for Calculating Displacement, Register Tonnage, Indicated Horse Power, and Speed of Ships
  • Patent:GB189412695 24.05.1895 Robert Duncan Barclay : Improvements in the Method of Mechanically Transposing Written or Printed Music
  • Patent:GB189502166 31.01.1895 Charles Newton Pickworth : Improvements in Slide Rules
  • Patent:GB189503186 20.07.1895 Willis, Edward (P) : Improvements in Planimeters, and Appliances to be employed therewith
  • Patent:GB189510583 05.10.1895 Norris, Thaddeus (P) : Improvements in Slide Rules

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