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Patents  Great Britain  1900

  • Patent:GB189904783 20.01.1900 Fyffe, William (P) : Improvements in or relating to Calculating or Tabulating Apparatus
  • Patent:GB189910055 10.03.1900 Tregoning, Charles (P) : An Improved Calculating Device
  • Patent:GB189910237 14.04.1900 Goldman, Henry (P) : Improvements in Calculating Machines
  • Patent:GB189910278 21.04.1900 Powles Henry Handley Pridham : An Improved Calliper Instrument for Measuring and Calculating Purposes
  • Patent:GB189915527 02.06.1900 Goudie, William John (P) Goudie William John : Improvements in Calculating Rules and the like
  • Patent:GB189917651 14.04.1900 Union Typewriter Company : Improvements in Typewriting and Adding Machines
  • Patent:GB189919288 21.07.1900 Farmar, Francis Charles (P) : An Improved Slide-rule for Computing and Calculating Purposes
  • Patent:GB189919289 21.07.1900 Francis Charles Farmar : Improved Dip-rod for Taking the Vacuities of Casks
  • Patent:GB189922566 29.09.1900 Schwarz, Gustav (P), Schwarz, Rudolf (P) : Adding and Subtracting Machine with a Distant Total or Difference Indicator
  • Patent:GB190000336 26.05.1900 Heinitz, Woldemar (P) : Improvements in Adding Machines
  • Patent:GB190000734 31.03.1900 Otto Richter : A Combined Planimeter and Pantograph
  • Patent:GB190005142 22.12.1900 Dohm, Wilhelm (P) : An Improved Calculating Apparatus for Ascertaining the Section of Beams, Girders, Columns, and the like
  • Patent:GB190005322 19.05.1900 Mallmann, James (P) : Improvements in Calculating Machines
  • Patent:GB190007172 11.08.1900 Shattuck, William P. (P) : Improvements in Computing or Calculating and Recording Machines
  • Patent:GB190008793 14.07.1900 Smith, Marmaduke Valentine (P) : Improved Date Calculator
  • Patent:GB190009811 14.07.1900 Addograph (P) Mfg. Comp. : Improvements in or relating to Combined Typewriting and Computing Machines
  • Patent:GB190013316 27.10.1900 Rinsche, Frank Charles (P) : Improvements in Calculating Machines
  • Patent:GB190015709 20.10.1900 Dennis, A.S. (P) : Adding and Recording Machine
  • Patent:GB190023627 27.12.1900 Jennings, Richard Lanyon (P) : A circular, pocket, slide-rule for use in the timber trades
  • Patent:GB191016261 23.07.1900 Cordt, Hugo (P) : Improvements in Calculating Machines
  • Patent:GB748757 09.05.1900 Société Anonyme des Brevets Logabax (P) : Improvements relating to carriage tabulating means in calculating machines and the like

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