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Patents  Great Britain  1945

  • Patent:GB566728 11.01.1945 Broido, Daniel (P) : Calculating - apparatus
  • Patent:GB567395 13.02.1945 John Donald MacLean : Air navigation computor
  • Patent:GB567840 06.03.1945 John Longden English Electric Co Ltd : Mechanical computing device for solving right+angled triangles
  • Patent:GB567915 08.03.1945 John Donald MacLean : Improvements in Slide Rules and other calculators
  • Patent:GB569214 14.05.1945 Abax Corp : Improvements in or relating to mechanism for use in computing
  • Patent:GB569247 15.05.1945 Robert Townend Vickers Electrical Co Ltd : Improvements in computating devices for photography
  • Patent:GB570272 29.06.1945 Ronald Sankey, George : Improvements in planimeters
  • Patent:GB571253 14.08.1945 Standard Telephones Cables Ltd : Electrical calculating apparatus
  • Patent:GB571270 14.08.1945 Standard Telephones Cables Ltd : Electrical calculating apparatus
  • Patent:GB571544 29.08.1945 Robin, Osmond : Improvements in or relating to perpetual almanacs or calendars
  • Patent:GB572564 15.10.1945 John Morton Devereux Wood : Improvements in or relating to apparatus for directing gun fire
  • Patent:GB572731 22.10.1945 Philip Edric Ackland Snow, Ivan Gen Electric Co Ltd : Improvements in electrical calculators
  • Patent:GB573095 06.11.1945 Ernest Bates : Improvements in or relating to calculators for the solution of triangles
  • Patent:GB573520 23.11.1945 Alexander Bowden Carr : Slide rule for the computation of income tax on earned incomes
  • Patent:GB588636 01.02.1945 Jackson, Horace (P) Ferranti (P) : mprovements in change speed gearing applicable to electricity meters
  • Patent:GB600485 22.06.1945 Stevens, A. H. Felt und Tarrant (P) : Improvements in or Relating to Calculating Machines

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