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Patents  Great Britain  1950

  • Patent:GB637853 31.05.1950 Robert Ernest Obrecht : Improvements in Slide Rules
  • Patent:GB639202 21.06.1950 Burgess, Charles Reginald : A device for use in compiling lists of possible permutations
  • Patent:GB639859 05.07.1950 Hooper, Bertie Henry (P) : Improvements in or relating to mechanism for printing a series of permuted symbols
  • Patent:GB639928 12.07.1950 Charles Walter Miller Vickers Electrical Co Ltd : Improvements in electrical calculating circuits
  • Patent:GB640347 19.07.1950 Felt und Tarrant (P) :
  • Patent:GB640445 19.07.1950 Felt und Tarrant (P) :
  • Patent:GB640513 19.07.1950 NCR (P) : Improvements relating to calculating apparatus
  • Patent:GB642683 06.09.1950 British Tabulating (P) Machine Co., Ltd. : Dividing and square root machine
  • Patent:GB644154 04.10.1950 Cornelis Hendricus Stuivenberg : Improvements in printing mechanisms for calculating, book-keeping or similar machines
  • Patent:GB644944 18.10.1950 Manyweathers, Leslie (P) Blundell (P) Rules Ltd : Slide Rule
  • Patent:GB645004 25.10.1950 Mehan, Thomas Oliver (P) Victor (P) Adding Machine Company : Improvements in or relating to adding machines
  • Patent:GB646399 22.11.1950 Paolo Sbernadori : Calculating instrument for the simultaneous conversion of weights, volumes, prices and currencies
  • Patent:GB647194 06.12.1950 Granville Hugh Baillie British Tabulating (P) Mach Co Ltd : Improvements in or relating to record card controlled calculating machines
  • Patent:GB647245 06.12.1950 Ronald Stewart Nunn : Spiral gear calculator
  • Patent:GB647708 20.12.1950 Jack Frye und James Selby Victoria Machine Tool Company : A calculating device for calculating the speed of rotation of machine tool spindles

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