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Patents  Great Britain  1973

  • Patent:GB1308881 07.03.1973 Citizen (P) Watch Co. : Calculating machine
  • Patent:GB1311574 28.03.1973 Iosif Hondrea Iprofil Tehnolemn Industria Produselor Finite Din Lehm : Slide Rule Comprising a Stock, a Slide and a Cursor
  • Patent:GB1312331 04.04.1973 Mark, Richard S. (P) u.a. Addmaster (P) Corporation : IMPROVEMENTS IN AND RELATING TO CALCULATING MACHINES
  • Patent:GB1315623 02.05.1973 Horace Hawthorn British Thornton Ltd : Slide Rule Cursor
  • Patent:GB1316192 09.05.1973 Horace Hawthorn British Thornton Ltd : Double Sided Slide Rule Cursor
  • Patent:GB1325479 01.08.1973 Progin, Bernard (P) : Calculating rule
  • Patent:GB1326655 15.08.1973 Int Communications Lab Inc : Rectilinear Slide Rule For Calculating Pi X And Pi X2

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