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In Italian "parte calcolatrice" sounds quite innatural. What does Schaltorgan exactly means? "Parte calcolatrice" (better "componente calcolatrice") could be a tranlation for the computing part, the component who acts computations. Automatic translator gives Schaltorgan -> "Switching organ". In this case "Commutatore" could be a good traslation.


Hello Andrea, Happy Xmas to you and your family. Please help me with Italian language. In mechanical calculating machines there is a calculating device that takes the inputs of the user and by turning the crank it produces the output to the carry. The main part of this device is the Schaltorgan like a stepped drum or a pin wheel or some others. These parts do not only switch like in binary calculation. How do you call them in summary?

Stephan 26. 12. 2007

Hello Stephan, thank for your explanation, now I think what correct translation is "traspositore". To be sure I have to check on Soresini book, next week. Happy Saint Stephan day (26/12 in Italy is holiday) and happy new year. Andrea

Grazie Andrea Stephan 27.12.2007