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Meilicke Material


1 Materialsammlung für Meilicke

Carl Arno Meilicke registerd several patents in years 1905-1915.
In first patents he declare to be living in Harley (Canada), then he moved to Chicago(USA).
Some of these patens refer to a Meilicke Calculator Company.
The Unit-Calculator and other mathematical tables was produced by Meilicke Systems Inc., Chicago.

In Kidwell 2001 we can read «Similarly, the Meilicke Calculator Company (in business from 1914–1921) and its successor, Meilicke Systems Incorporated, made mathematical tables used for payroll and other commercial calculations.]]

 Article on Journal of Oughtred Society

List of computing helping cards produced by Meilicke Systems

2 Patents

3 The Unit Calculator


Meilicke Unit Calculator


Meilicke advertisement (1922, Celli)

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