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Brevet:US 1650490
Lieu:Tulsa (OK), USA
Personne:Brown, Willis C. and Spink, Leland K.
Entreprise:Foxboro Co. of Foxboro (MA)
Liens internes:Foxboro Planimeter
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 US1650490 (espacenet),  US1650490 (uspto)


Aus der Patentschrift US1650490

Filing date: Sep 13, 1926
Issue date: Nov 22, 1927

This invention relates to planimeters of the radial type. Instruments of this kind designed to determine the average radius of an irregular curve such as is traced by the pen of a recording instrument are well known and commonly used. The object of Ithe present invention is to provide an instrument of this general type adapted to determine not the average value of the instantaneous values indicated by the points of the curve, but the average, of some function of said values as, for instance, the square root. In the measurement of the flow of fluids by orifice meters and the like a pressure or pressures existing in the fluid are recorded and the rate of flow, Q, is deduced therefrom by means of the_ formula Q = C •y/'tiP wherein k is the differential pressure and P the absolute static pressure on the downstream side the orifice plate.
Our invention may be utilized in connection with a record made by an orifice meter or the like to facilitate the computation of the rate of flow and for convenience we shall in the following description treat specifically of an instrument for determining the average square root although obviously, the integration of any other non-linear function of a recorded variable, whether algebraic, ranscendental or logarithmic, might be effected in similar manner.