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references can be found in Martin (English edition) p. 200.

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Celli 12:56, 29. Gen 2008 (GMT)

Hello Bob.

Great job. I like your idea of a such a taxonomy.

May I suggest a few changes in it ?

First issue.

I would personnaly introduce a clear distiction between "instruments" and "machines".

So, in your taxonomy, I would divide the small adders into two major families : those with automatic carry (they are machines), and those without (they are just instruments).

Second issue is subtraction.

Should we make a difference between direct and complement subtraction ? Yes.

What do you think of the idea of systematically introduce the term "direct subtraction" when it applies ?

Only a very small number of instruments or machines cannot perform subtraction : probably only your category 1.(Column adders).

Hope that helps. Regards. Michel Bardel

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