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Brevets  Ètats-Unis  1998

  • Patent:US5704790 06.01.1998 Moses, Robert Parris : Methods of playing games which enhance mathematical understanding
  • Patent:US5708260 13.01.1998 Maier, Steven F. (Chapel Hill, NC), Johnson, Forrest B. : Slide-rule calculator for computing a salary replacement value
  • Patent:US5717193 10.02.1998 Marcelo, Ruben V. (765 Bronx River Rd., Bronxville, NY : Method and apparatus for determining the exponential powers of i
  • Patent:US5725380 10.03.1998 Kennelly, Kim (140 Ingrid Pl., Oldsmar, FL 34677) : Combination writing board and abacus
  • Patent:US5731572 24.03.1998 Winn, Kirk T. (Redondo Beach, CA) : Six sigma calculator
  • Patent:US5731573 24.03.1998 Allen, Richard A. (29 Devons St., Concord, MA 01742), : Tide calculator
  • Patent:US5732490 31.03.1998 Hydary, Mainul H. : Perpetual calendar
  • Patent:US5743741 28.04.1998 Fife, Patricia (1331 Traynor Rd., Concord, CA 94520) : Math jigsaw puzzle
  • Patent:US5748502 05.05.1998 Akio Kubo Hiroshi Nemoto Ushikata Mfg. Co. Ltd : Apparatus for measuring a figure having a calibration mode and method for calibrating a measuring apparatus
  • Patent:US5753896 19.05.1998 Rufolo Lucio Dr Seleburni Sas : Acid-base equilibrium slide-rule
  • Patent:US5769639 23.06.1998 Foster, Anne (P.O. Box 7241, Port Aransas, TX 78373) : Multi-educational device
  • Patent:US5816822 06.10.1998 Safavi, Farrokh Western Washington University : Methods and apparatus for instructing students of statistics
  • Patent:US5823783 20.10.1998 Adams, Mary Katherine : Rotating pie graph: mathematics learning tool
  • Patent:US5836587 17.11.1998 Druce, Harry Frederick : Playing cards for an educational game

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