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Brevetto:GB 674826
Titolo:Improvements in Multiplying Machines
Luogo:Atvidaberg, Schweden
Nazione:Gran Bretagna
Ditta:Facit (P)
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Keywords:multiplication, multplikation
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Aus der Patentschrift GB674826

"This invention relates to a mechanism for effecting automatic short-cut multiplication in calculating and similar machines which are provided with a settable mechanism for storing the multiplier and a rotatable actuator mechanism for the multiplicand and a sensing or feeling device which in the multiplying operation senses or feels the items or numeral values set in the multiplier-mechanism and in dependence on the value of the numeral sensed or felt determines thee position of a control mechanism in order to release the multiplicand actuator for a corresponding number of plus or minus revolutions, or no revolution theref or, if the sensed numeral is nought, and the invention is characterized by a correction device which when in a denomination the multiplicand actuator has effected a minus calculation in a positive multiplication or i plus calculation in a negative multiplication, cooperates with the sensing device in such manner that the value sensed in the calculation in the next higher denomination is increased by one step and thus releases the multiplicand actuator for a number of revolutions which is one unit higher than the numeral sensed in said next denomination." ( GB674826)