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Brevetto:US 1528170
Titolo:Calculating Machine
Luogo:San Francisco, USA
Nazione:Stati Uniti
Persona:Schellino, Spirit A.
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 US1528170 (espacenet),  US1528170 (uspto)

Filing date: Feb 24, 1920 Issue date: Mar 3, 1925

The invention relates to calculating machines of a type embodying toothed adjusting wheels, having laterally movable teeth, variable as to the number moved laterally and provided with key actuated means for laterally moving the desired number of teeth into operative position. The rotation of the IB wheels is preferably effected by a handle which projects to the outside of the machine and the values adjusted on the toothed adjusting wheels are transmitted on the rotation of the crank handle, indirectly, by 20 means of intermediate wheels, to the figure discs of the counting mechanism, which, for the purpose of making the direct action of the units toothed ad]usting wheel on the intermediate wheel of the figure discs of 28 higher value possible, is preferably disposed in parallel displaceable relation to the adjusting mechanism axis. The counting mechanism or wheels indicating the crank revohitions, is located on the carriage of the 30 displaceable main registering mechanism. The main registering mechanism, or series of figure discs, is provided with a suitable zero , setting mechanism and the revolution indicating mechanism is similarly provided with suitable zero setting mechanism. The present invention relates particularly to the toothed adjusting wheels and the means for laterally moving teeth on said wheels, variable as to number, into the path of the 40 intermediate wheels of the counting mechanism.