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Brevetto:US 2174150
Titolo:Keyboard for Cash Registers and Other Calculating Machines
Luogo:Torino, Italien
Nazione:Stati Uniti
Persona:Beria, Biagio
Ditta:Società Anonima Officine Villar Perosa ( RIV (P) )
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 US2174150 (espacenet),  US2174150 (uspto)

Filing date: Apr 3, 1936 Issue date: Sep 26, 1939

This invention relates to self-contained key bank assemblies for cash registers and other calculating machines, more particularly of the type in which the keys are automatically blocked in their depressed position till they are mechanically released, and may further be locked against depression. It is an object of this invention to provide a construction which admits of the largest possible use of parts 'pressed from sheet metal. It is another object of this invention to arrange the constituent parts of a key bank assembly in such manner that building-up and replacement of parts can be very easily carried out.