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  • Patent:DE664137 20.08.1938 Papello, Karl (P) Zeiss (P) : Kurvenkörpergetriebe
  • Patent:DE724241 24.03.1937 Papello, Karl (P) Firma Carl Zeiss : Winkelmeßvorrichtung, insbesondere für artilleristische Rechengeräte
  • Patent:GB348707 21.05.1931 Papello, Karl (P) Imex Ltd. : Improvements in or relating to apparatus for laying guns
  • Patent:GB499265 20.01.1939 Papello, Karl (P) Carl Zeiss : Improvements in apparatus for determining the magnitudes required for parallax correction for laying anti-aircraft guns
  • Patent:US2071424 23.02.1937 Papello, Karl (P) NV Nederlandsche Instrumenten Compagnie Nedinsco (P) : Apparatus for following a target
  • Patent:US2071425 23.02.1937 Papello, Karl (P) Firm N V Nl Instr Cie Nedinsco : Calculating apparatus for firing directors for shooting at moving aerial targets
  • Patent:US2105985 18.01.1938 Papello, Karl (P) Bausch & Lomb Optical Comp. : Sighting device for following aerial targets
  • Patent:US2116323 03.05.1938 Papello, Karl (P) Firm Carl Zeiss : Camoid gearing
  • Patent:US2174330 26.09.1939 Papello, Karl (P) Bausch & Lomb Optical Comp. : Apparatus for gunnery calculators
  • Patent:US2376719 22.05.1945 Papello, Karl (P) : Apparatus for determining the magnitudes required for parallax correction

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