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Brevetti  Stati Uniti  1978

  • Patent:US4067024 03.01.1978 Peter T. Quinn Honeywell, Inc : Calculator
  • Patent:US4069737 24.01.1978 John O. Andersson : Device for transfer of a conventional note system into a system indicating the position of the hand when playing string instruments
  • Patent:US4071189 31.01.1978 Qureshi, Faiz Mohammad : Slide rule cursor
  • Patent:US4074116 14.02.1978 Ell, William M. (5513 Trent Ct., Apt. 261, Alexandria, VA : Selector
  • Patent:US4074607 21.02.1978 Bond, Charles Stephen (P) : Music Magic Circular Calculator
  • Patent:US4074850 21.02.1978 Brice L. Kratzer : X-ray computer
  • Patent:US4080834 28.03.1978 George A. Beauchemin, Jr. : Measurement of fuel quality and economy
  • Patent:US4092191 30.05.1978 Jones, Thomas L. (617-B Hibbard Dr., Chapel Hill, NC 27514) : Speedometer scale conversion kit and method
  • Patent:US4092521 30.05.1978 Manfred E. Weisshaar : Menstrual calculator
  • Patent:US4096635 27.06.1978 Mcmillan, Lon M. : Navigational computer
  • Patent:US4104510 01.08.1978 Clifford M. Miyashiro : Exposure correction calculator for taking close-up pictures
  • Patent:US4117315 26.09.1978 Ampt, Cornelis Georg Frederik und Keimpema, Keimpe Klaas : Radioactive dose calculating device
  • Patent:US4119890 10.10.1978 Kretz, Carl (Zipf, AT) : Method and equipment for measuring the distance between two points
  • Patent:US4120091 17.10.1978 Borgato, Augusto : Device for estimated air navigation, obtained through the combination of various measuring and calculating instruments
  • Patent:US4120451 17.10.1978 Gerald F. Stapleton : Currency converter for use with pre-established and known conversion data
  • Patent:US4121759 24.10.1978 Richard T. Merkel William R. Markin Nicholson Concrete Comp. : Pavement system calculator
  • Patent:US4124311 07.11.1978 US NAVY : Mechanical movements for coding machines
  • Patent:US4124795 07.11.1978 Joseph LiCalsi American District Telegraph Comp. : Fire protection calculator
  • Patent:US4124796 07.11.1978 Shores, Marvin W. (Pomona, CA) : Emission control calculator
  • Patent:US4127941 05.12.1978 Richard L. Hoover : Means and graphical method of calculating moments of inertia
  • Patent:US4131790 26.12.1978 Donald L. Rebsch : Biorhythm indicator
  • Patent:USD249531 19.09.1978 Neufeld, Kurt (P) : Jacket for a Combined Photo Calculator and Digital Ruler

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