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Brevetti  Stati Uniti  1983

  • Patent:US4368044 11.01.1983 Martin, James F. (3684 Mill St., Marion, NY 14505) : Bowlers approach starting location calculating device
  • Patent:US4369358 18.01.1983 Adams, William (1965 Garfield Ave., Salt Lake City, UT : Table correlating device for scuba divers
  • Patent:US4390778 28.06.1983 Toivonen, Thomas N. (173-03 Fairchild Ave., Flushing, NY : Calculator for determining optimum tone reproduction
  • Patent:US4399353 16.08.1983 Adkins, James K. (9806 Luke Ct., Upper Marlboro, MD 20772), : Color computer wheel
  • Patent:US4416633 22.11.1983 Gulack, Max A. : Educational and recreational mathematical device in the form of a band,
  • Patent:US4418274 29.11.1983 Masillo Guido Masillo Guido : Slide Rule - Calendar
  • Patent:US4419081 06.12.1983 Steinmann, Phyllis R. : Mathematical teaching/learning aid and method of use
  • Patent:US4419572 06.12.1983 Mutsumi Takahashi Toshio Uwabe Toshio Nagase Shosuke Sato Hideshi Matsuzawa Tokyo Keiki (P) Comp. Ltd. Totec Co. Ltd. : Check digit calculator
  • Patent:USD267957 15.02.1983 Jackson, Frank W. (P) : Electrocardiogram Analyzer

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