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Brevetti  Stati Uniti  1987

  • Patent:US121687 02.01.1987 Robinson Teasdale : Improvement in calculating-machines
  • Patent:US209690 01.08.1987 Reuben R. James : Improvement in adding machines
  • Patent:US4635369 13.01.1987 Powell, Tommie L. (2000 NE. 100th St., Seattle, WA 98125) : Scribing device and method
  • Patent:US4645461 24.02.1987 Mortensen, Vernon J. (Coeur dAlene, ID) : Method for structurally differentiating polynomial functions
  • Patent:US4652728 24.03.1987 Galiana, Patrick (15 avenue Honore Baradat, 64000 Pau, FR) : Wind and course calculator for navigation
  • Patent:US4677893 07.07.1987 Fahnestock, Carl (P) : Quick music notes Slide Rule
  • Patent:US4678893 07.07.1987 Ruble, Marshall V. (Kelley, IA) : Method and means for determining the ease with which a cow may give birth to a calv
  • Patent:US4680453 14.07.1987 Pugh, R. Dell (13622 Pine Villa La., Ft. Myers, FL 33912) : Vehicle performance computer
  • Patent:US4688331 25.08.1987 Shen, Xingdi : Ellipsograph
  • Patent:US4713009 15.12.1987 Borenson, Henry (1469 Neshaminy Valley Dr., Bensalem, PA : Teaching apparatus and method for solving algebraic linear equations
  • Patent:USD289058 31.03.1987 M. T. Alberts : Refrigeration Line Size Calculator

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