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Brevetti  Stati Uniti  1995

  • Patent:US5377998 03.01.1995 Schainbaum, Joshua (102 E. Pine St., Wenonah, NJ 08090) : Machine to track game effects
  • Patent:US5382165 17.01.1995 Knox, Jayne (P) : Calorie counter device and method for use
  • Patent:US5386757 07.02.1995 Derrick, Daniel : Universal musical scale, scale pattern, and chord indicator
  • Patent:US5395245 07.03.1995 Heinz, Ted (33694 Colgate Dr., Union City, CA 94587) : Elastic pattern abacus and tool for changing arrangement of abacus beads
  • Patent:US5401942 28.03.1995 Buerger, Thomas J. (2902 Squire La., Mobile, AL 36695) : Device for calculating no decompression dive times
  • Patent:US5415071 16.05.1995 Davies, Peter (P) : Method of and means for producing musical note relationships
  • Patent:US5423682 13.06.1995 Hildebrandt, Raymond E. (7213 Huntcliff, West Bloomfield, : Numbering system teaching aid
  • Patent:US5433611 18.07.1995 Dreyfous, Ricardo (Condominio Montebello, Apt. J119, : Teaching apparatus and method for visually representing polynomial expressions
  • Patent:US5447769 05.09.1995 Bromberg, Howard M. (Riverdale, NY) : Disk mounting system for wheel calculator the like and method of making
  • Patent:US5449890 12.09.1995 van Neck, Serge O. (16621 E. Jacklin Dr., Fountain Hills, : Slide calculator with liner

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