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Brevetti  Stati Uniti  1999

  • Patent:US5870830 16.02.1999 Wu, Yen-Hung (14 Summer Rd., Brookline, MA 02146) : Conic section compass
  • Patent:US5876212 02.03.1999 Hartung, Paul G. (Greenwood Township, Columbia County, PA) : Apparatuses and kits for teaching mathematics
  • Patent:US5951299 14.09.1999 Kim, Linda S. (1842 Westwood Rd., Troy, OH 45373) : Method for mathematical representation, manipulation and problem solving, and kit
  • Patent:US5954509 21.09.1999 Torres, Anthony (4985 W. 8th St., Greeley, CO 80634) : Educational device
  • Patent:US5960576 05.10.1999 Bruce N. Robinson : Range, bullet drop, and angle calculator for use with telescopic gun sights
  • Patent:US5967787 19.10.1999 Tsao, Chin-Chen (No. 152, Tung Pei Street, Chung Shan : Educational display with a clock and with numeral and date blocks
  • Patent:US5989035 23.11.1999 Okoye, Godwin (P.O. Box 4605, Albuquerque, NM 87196) : Arithmetic teaching device
  • Patent:US5993388 30.11.1999 Michael W. Kattan Peter T. Scardino : Nomograms to aid in the treatment of prostatic cancer
  • Patent:US5997305 07.12.1999 Mangles, Linda (63 Rosemary Road, Wickersley, Rotherham, : Flexible planar apparatus
  • Patent:US6006986 28.12.1999 Whalen, Edward E. (101 Lombard St., San Francisco, CA : Global time calculator

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