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Patentdatenbank  Großbritannien  1902

  • Patent:GB190100951 09.01.1902 Sidney Reid George Miller Blakey : Improvements in Apparatus for Making up Wages Bills and for other Purposes
  • Patent:GB190102943 11.02.1902 NCR (P) : Improvements in Cash Registers
  • Patent:GB190108309 23.04.1902 Farmar, Francis Charles (P) : A Slide-rule for all Calculating purposes in connection with Wines and Spirits
  • Patent:GB190108706 26.07.1902 Andrew G. Macculloch and Herbert Dickinson : Improvements in Cash Registering Tills
  • Patent:GB190110502 01.05.1902 Hollerith, Herman (P) : Improvements in or relating to machines for compiling or tabulating statistics and other numerical data
  • Patent:GB190115444 09.01.1902 Mallman, James (P) : Improvements in Calculating and Number-printing Machines
  • Patent:GB190116273 24.07.1902 Turck, Joseph Abraham Valentine (P) : Improvements in Calculating Machines
  • Patent:GB190117499 10.04.1902 Jules Frydmane : Improvements in apparatus for registering monetary transactions
  • Patent:GB190118631 04.09.1902 Henry Percy Tattersall George Arthur Pickard : A Calculator for Ascertaining the Exposure given by a Photographic Shutter in which the Speed and Aperture are Adjustable
  • Patent:GB190120133 08.10.1902 Hopkins, William (P) Wallace : Improvements in Adding Machines
  • Patent:GB190123236 02.10.1902 John Perry : Improvements in slide rules
  • Patent:GB190123886 13.11.1902 Dunlop, Henry Cleland (P) : An Improvement in the Slid-rule Consisting in the Provision of Elastic Supports or Runners which Allow the Slide to Work Freely under all
  • Patent:GB190201145 11.12.1902 John Henry Smith : Improvements in Photographic Exposure Meters
  • Patent:GB190201679 01.05.1902 Hagyi-Ristic, Constantin (P) und Duffer, Artur (P) : Improvements in Calculating Apparatus
  • Patent:GB190202104 28.08.1902 Börner, Franz : Improvements in or connected with Mechanical Calculating Tables or ”Ready Reckoners.”
  • Patent:GB190203745 06.11.1902 Holtman, Ivar (P) und Johanson, Adolf Magnus (P) : Improvements in Calculating Machines
  • Patent:GB190203991 08.05.1902 Smith, Horace Andrew (P) : Improvements in Adding Devices
  • Patent:GB190207289 25.03.1902 Hoch, Adam (P), Wendling, George Xavier (P) : Improvements in Adding Attachment for Typewriting Machines
  • Patent:GB190207290 25.03.1902 Hoch, Adam (P), Wendling, George Xavier (P) : Improvements in Adding and Recording Machines
  • Patent:GB190207571 05.06.1902 Krause, Rudolf (P) : Improved Calculating Scale or Slide
  • Patent:GB190210985 17.07.1902 Kluge, Augustin (P) : Improvements in Adding or Calculating Machines
  • Patent:GB190211587 06.11.1902 Fell, John Corry (P) : Improvements in Typewriting and Adding Machines
  • Patent:GB190213957 16.10.1902 Masera, Silvio (P) : An Improved Slide-rule

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