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Patentdatenbank  Großbritannien  1925

  • Patent:GB207824 02.03.1925 Shipley, Bernis (P) : Improvements in cash registers
  • Patent:GB211137 06.05.1925 Collett and Co As O : Improvements in or relating to calculating machines
  • Patent:GB213550 22.01.1925 Grimme Natalis (P) : Improvements in calculating machines
  • Patent:GB215746 04.08.1925 Shipley, Bernis (P) NCR (P) : Improvements in cash registers and like machines
  • Patent:GB216142 14.08.1925 Lake, Clair (P) British Tabulating (P) Machine Comp. Ltd. : Improvements in or relating to statistical machines
  • Patent:GB216143 14.08.1925 Cair Dennison Lake British Tabulating (P) Machine Comp. Ltd. : Improvements in or relating to counter-resetting mechanism
  • Patent:GB217203 07.05.1925 Carl Lindstroem Ag : Improvements in and relating to printing mechanism for calculating machines
  • Patent:GB223583 09.07.1925 Rudin, Karl Viktor (P) : Improvements in tens transfer mechanism for calculating machines
  • Patent:GB223866 26.10.1925 Sundstrand, Oscar (P) Rockford Milling Machine Comp. : Improvements in calculating and printing machines
  • Patent:GB223894 11.06.1925 Grimme, Natalis u. Co. (P) : Improvements in number wheels for calculating und counting apparatus
  • Patent:GB223939 27.03.1925 Shipley, Bernis (P) : Improvements in item-printing mechanism for cash registers and other keyboard controlled item-printing machines
  • Patent:GB224244 27.03.1925 Shipley, Bernis (P) : Improvements in keyboard and differential mechanism for cash registers or calculating machines
  • Patent:GB227062 08.01.1925 Géraud Maurice Marie Joseph de Fontanges : Improvements in apparatus for computing the corrections for artillery firing
  • Patent:GB227643 22.01.1925 George Gouthwaite Scurfield : Improvements in and relating to Slide Rules or other logarithmically
  • Patent:GB227716 22.01.1925 Puttemans, Hubert Auguste (P) : Improvements in calculating machines
  • Patent:GB229642 31.12.1925 Friden, Carl Mauritz Fredrick (P) : Improvements in and relating to calculating machines
  • Patent:GB230199 12.03.1925 Frederick William Henning : Improvements in and relating to calculating apparatus
  • Patent:GB230706 19.03.1925 George Mieville Simond : Device for obtaining the differential odds in handicaps at lawn tennis
  • Patent:GB231093 26.03.1925 Rosenthal, Louis (P) & Messlang, Otto (P) : Interlocking mechanism for calculating machines of the pin-wheel and cam-disc type
  • Patent:GB231160 17.09.1925 Erik Fagerholm : Improvements in calculating apparatus
  • Patent:GB231502 29.10.1925 Chiffriermaschinen (P) AG : Improvements in ciphering machines having a plurality of ciphering rollers for effecting substitution of the signs
  • Patent:GB231868 29.10.1925 NCR (P) : Improvements in automatic ribbon reversing mechanism for cash registers, calculating machines and the like
  • Patent:GB232030 16.04.1925 Chad Valley Company Ltd : A new or improved calculator or score card for use more particularly in conjunction with the playing of games
  • Patent:GB232037 16.04.1925 Lindsay Ernest Edwards : Improvements in and relating to calculating instruments
  • Patent:GB232150 16.04.1925 Fuss, Herbert (P) : Improvements in or relating to logarithmic calculating apparatus
  • Patent:GB232192 28.05.1925 Trinks, Franz (P) : Improvements in calculating machines
  • Patent:GB232383 23.04.1925 Frederick Gristwood : Improvements in or connected with calculating apparatus
  • Patent:GB232442 23.04.1925 Rudolf Uhlich : Improvements in Slide Rules
  • Patent:GB232566 01.10.1925 Trinks, Franz (P) : Improvements relating to counters in calculating machines
  • Patent:GB233175 07.05.1925 John Thompson Baker : Improvements in or relating to calculating instruments for problems in navigation
  • Patent:GB233183 07.05.1925 Gebr. Wichmann (P) M B H : Improvements in slide rules and like calculating apparatus
  • Patent:GB233668 20.08.1925 Krupp (P) AG : Improvements in differential actuating mechanisms for calculating machines
  • Patent:GB234672 04.06.1925 Elliott Fisher (P) : Clear signal mechanism for writing adding machines
  • Patent:GB235949 25.06.1925 Gordon, Harry Francis Adam (P) : Improved calculating apparatus for solving navigational problems involving drift, wind, and ground speed
  • Patent:GB236165 24.09.1925 Franziska Joksch : Improvements in and connected with tabular calculating apparatus for use with weighing apparatus
  • Patent:GB236250 03.07.1925 Percy Willis Gray Vickers (P) Ltd. : Improvements in or relating to apparatus for use in the fire control of anti-aircraft guns
  • Patent:GB239311 10.09.1925 Gottschalk, Otto (P) : Improvements in and relating to curve drawing and producing apparatus available for the demonstration and solution of engineering problems
  • Patent:GB240073 24.09.1925 Foster, Albert Franklin ; Matthews, Charles J. : Improvements in and relating to feed attachments for leather measuring machines
  • Patent:GB240206 01.10.1925 Wilfred Ernest Jones : Improved calculating device for the use of printers
  • Patent:GB241002 15.10.1925 Thomson, Robert William Murray : Instrument for use in making graphical analyses and computations
  • Patent:GB241923 31.12.1925 British Thomson-Houston Co., Ltd : Improvements in calculators
  • Patent:GB241983 28.10.1925 Ellis (P) Adding Typewriter Comp. : Improvements in calculating machines
  • Patent:GB242394 12.11.1925 Neville, Eric Harold : Improved apparatus for performing calculations relating to proportion
  • Patent:GB243083 25.11.1925 Registrier Maschinen Roeder Ak : Improvements in keyboard and differential mechanism for cash registers, and other calculating machines
  • Patent:GB243575 03.12.1925 Charles Neal Guy S Calculating Machines Ltd : Improvements in or relating to calculating machines
  • Patent:GB244263 17.12.1925 Hancock, William : Improvements in and relating to Perpetual Calendars
  • Patent:GB244601 24.12.1925 Fried. Krupp (P) AG : Improvements in totalizer engagement control mechanism for cash registers
  • Patent:GB244893 31.12.1925 Edward Rogers : Improved price+computing apparatus
  • Patent:GB246134 15.01.1925 Bergmann, Jean (P) : Improvements in Calculating Devices.
  • Patent:GB249034 08.10.1925 Orchard, C. (P) : Adding and subtracting apparatus
  • Patent:GB249784 18.11.1925 Clark, Henry Denton (P) : Improvements in or relating Computing Devices

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