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Patentdatenbank  Großbritannien  1956

  • Patent:GB742911 04.01.1956 Breitling, Wilhelm (P) Olympia (P) Werke AG : A control arrangement for motor driven calculating or the like accounting machines
  • Patent:GB743826 25.01.1956 Kenneth Lowson : Improvements in or relating to slide rule cursors
  • Patent:GB745674 29.02.1956 John Dyson Blakeley, Sidney Radcliffe Potter : Improvements in or relating to Slide Rules
  • Patent:GB745852 07.03.1956 Wildy, Ronald Gordon (P) Powers Samas Account Mach Ltd : Improvements in or relating to record card controlled adding machines
  • Patent:GB745891 07.03.1956 James Edward Barrow : Improvements in pulse delaying circuits in digital calculating machines
  • Patent:GB746071 07.03.1956 Clifford Harold Gray : Computing device
  • Patent:GB747352 04.04.1956 Webb, Christopher Frederick (P) Bell Punch (P) Comp. Ltd. : Improvements in or relating to calculating machines
  • Patent:GB747711 11.04.1956 William Sidney Elliott : Improvements in digital calculating machines
  • Patent:GB747712 11.04.1956 Barrow, James Edward (P) Elliott Brothers London Ltd : Improvements in digital calculating machines
  • Patent:GB748546 02.05.1956 Williams, Frederic Calland (P) Nat Res Dev : Electrical calculating circuits employing transistors
  • Patent:GB748756 09.05.1956 Société Anonyme des Brevets Logabax (P) : Totalizer selecting means in calculating machines
  • Patent:GB749134 16.05.1956 Etablissements Japy Freres : Improvements relating to Adding Machines Adapted for Multiplication and Division
  • Patent:GB749157 16.05.1956 Hans Bernard und Paul Regentrop : An improved ribbon spool for typewriters and calculating machines
  • Patent:GB749440 23.05.1956 Weir, Donald Adams (P), Rice, Joseph (P) Standard Telephones Cables Ltd : Improvements in or relating to electrical calculating equipment
  • Patent:GB749504 30.05.1956 Kienzle (P) Apparate GmbH : Calculating and accounting machines
  • Patent:GB749534 30.05.1956 Taylor Harrison, John; Arthur Eustace, Stanley : Improvements in or relating to devices for measuring areas
  • Patent:GB750226 13.06.1956 Kienzle (P) Apparate GmbH : Calculating mechanism in petrol pumps
  • Patent:GB750264 13.06.1956 NCR (P) : Calculating machines
  • Patent:GB750400 13.06.1956 Henry James Dolman Brecknell, Dolman & Rogers Ltd. : Improvements relating to cash registers
  • Patent:GB751633 04.07.1956 Altmann, Kurt (P) und Heinze, Richard (P) : Improvements in or relating to key-heads for typewriters, calculating machines and the like
  • Patent:GB752054 04.07.1956 Ott, Hermann (P) : Mounting for the measuring roller of Planimeters or the like
  • Patent:GB752591 11.07.1956 Felt und Tarrant (P) : Improvements in or relating to calculating machines
  • Patent:GB752785 11.07.1956 NCR (P) : Accounting machines and similar calculating machines
  • Patent:GB753170 18.07.1956 NCR (P) : Paper feeding equipment for accounting or similar calculating machines
  • Patent:GB755051 15.08.1956 Cutler, Albert Ernest (P) Communications Patents Ltd : Improvements in or relating to electric motor control apparatus suitable for calculating systems
  • Patent:GB755441 22.08.1956 IBM (P) : Binary-decimal adder
  • Patent:GB755765 29.08.1956 Brunsviga (P) Maschinenwerke AG : Improvements in or relating to adding, calculating and accounting machines
  • Patent:GB756144 29.08.1956 Bailey, Desmond (P) Standard Telephones and Cables Ltd : Improvements in or relating to calculators
  • Patent:GB756757 12.09.1956 IBM (P) : Serial type binary-decimal adder
  • Patent:GB756772 12.09.1956 Addo (P) Ab : Improvements in or relating to calculating machines, accounting machines and the like
  • Patent:GB757031 12.09.1956 Olympia (P) Werke AG : An arrangement of the printing mechanism and of associated parts of calculating machines
  • Patent:GB757448 19.09.1956 Addo (P) Ab : An arrangement in printing registers for listing calculating, bookkeeping and like machines
  • Patent:GB757569 19.09.1956 Marcel Pegard Atel : An improved calculating device for the correlation of factors affecting the use of machine tools
  • Patent:GB758200 03.10.1956 Jack Taylor : Improvements in or relating to devices for adding upper cylinder lubricant to petrol
  • Patent:GB758614 03.10.1956 du Verdier de Genouillac, Jean : Apparatus for the direct indication of the product of an instantaneous speed and another factor
  • Patent:GB759192 17.10.1956 Otto Thalmann : Improvements in conception-calculating devices
  • Patent:GB759317 17.10.1956 August Loescher, Friedrich; Doehring, Alfred Maschinenfabrik Turner (P) AG : Area measuring apparatus
  • Patent:GB760337 31.10.1956 Librascope (P) : Improvements in or relating to computers
  • Patent:GB760381 31.10.1956 Ing. C. Olivetti (P) & C. : Aligning mechanism for computing machines
  • Patent:GB760528 31.10.1956 Hawker, Harold George Decca Record Comp. Ltd. : Improvements in or relating to computers for use in connection with connection with radio navigation systems
  • Patent:GB760883 07.11.1956 Atvidaberg Facit (P) Ab : Improvements in calculating machines
  • Patent:GB761632 14.11.1956 Charles Arthur Tacey Philip & Tacey Ltd. : Improvements in or relating to counting devices or appliances for use in the education of children
  • Patent:GB762115 21.11.1956 Williams, Charles Rutherford (P), Hagen, Glenn Edward (P), Magnuson Bendix Aviat Corp : Automatic graph plotter for digital calculating apparatus
  • Patent:GB809533 01.05.1956 Unilever (P) Ltd. : Calculating-apparatus; counting- apparatus.

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