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Patentdatenbank  Großbritannien  1959

  • Patent:GB808372 04.02.1959 Claude Marsan : Slide rule or similar educational appliance
  • Patent:GB808651 11.02.1959 NCR (P) : Accounting or similar calculating machines
  • Patent:GB808876 11.02.1959 Franco Dompe : Devices for adding to the contents of bottles, phials and the like, substances contained separately therefrom
  • Patent:GB809523 25.02.1959 Underwood (P) Corp : Ten key adding and subtracting machine
  • Patent:GB809930 04.03.1959 Farlie, Dennis John Gerald (P) Gen Electric Co Ltd : Improvements in or relating to calculating devices
  • Patent:GB811673 08.04.1959 Gilbert Deschatre : Slide rule
  • Patent:GB812717 29.04.1959 Cuthbert, Brierley (P) : Means for use in calculating the weight of cattle
  • Patent:GB813083 06.05.1959 NCR (P) : Calculating machines or similar accounting machines
  • Patent:GB814389 03.06.1959 Stanley George Crowe : Improvements relating to calculating devices
  • Patent:GB815464 24.06.1959 John Leslie Boyce : A dimension calculator for use in the bending of metal sheet and strip
  • Patent:GB816443 15.07.1959 Jack Wilmot Nicholas : Improvements in and relating to calculating devices
  • Patent:GB817597 06.08.1959 Standard Telephones Cables Ltd : Calculating means
  • Patent:GB818480 19.08.1959 Rogers, William Louis (P) Saxby, Frank Reginald (P) NCR (P) : Improvements in or relating to apparatus for transferring data in either direction between a computer and a mechanical calculating machine
  • Patent:GB819284 02.09.1959 Underwood (P) Corp : Total taking mechanism in ten-key adding machines
  • Patent:GB819472 02.09.1959 Gross, Henry (P) und Gross, Samuel (P) : Improvements in or relating to cash registers and like adding machines
  • Patent:GB819641 09.09.1959 Duke, Keith Albert (P) Int Computers and Tabulators Ltd : Improvements in or relating to calculating apparatus
  • Patent:GB819879 09.09.1959 AB Åtvidaberg Facit (P) : Improvements in calculating machines with automatic division
  • Patent:GB819920 09.09.1959 Albert Ernest Goodson : Improved calculating device
  • Patent:GB820044 16.09.1959 Philips Electrical Ind Ltd : Improvements in or relating to circuit arrangements for adding two numbers
  • Patent:GB820494 23.09.1959 IBM (P) : Adding mechanism
  • Patent:GB821571 07.10.1959 Harbor, William Henry (P) NCR (P) : Record tape perforating arrangement in a cash register, adding machine, or accounting machine
  • Patent:GB822076 21.10.1959 Logan, Norman John : Improvements in indicators
  • Patent:GB822420 28.10.1959 Gerber, Heinz Joseph (P) Gerber Scientific Instr Co : Improvements in or relating to computing instrument
  • Patent:GB822643 28.10.1959 Burroughs (P) Corp : Electrical registering apparatus for use in transmitting digital information from a mechanical accounting or similar calculating machine
  • Patent:GB823374 11.11.1959 Int Computers and Tabulators Ltd : Improvements in or relating to electronic calculating apparatus
  • Patent:GB824842 09.12.1959 Threadgold, Ronald (P) : Improvements in or relating to adding arrangements
  • Patent:GB825228 09.12.1959 Brass, Robert Victor (P) Mclelland Thomas Pollock : Improvements in and relating to navigational calculating instruments
  • Patent:GB882415 02.07.1959 Goulter, Victor Harold (P) : An improved calculator for fractions

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