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Patentdatenbank  Großbritannien  1964

  • Patent:GB947448 22.01.1964 Lien, Jørgen Adwel (P) : Improvements in or relating to sales indicating arrangements
  • Patent:GB948314 29.01.1964 Kienzle (P) Apparate GmbH : Improvements in or relating to adding mechanism
  • Patent:GB950833 26.02.1964 Fidel Widmann : Improvements in or relating to calculating devices
  • Patent:GB951789 11.03.1964 Reusch, Werner (P) und Voigt, Fritz (P) Elektronische Rechenmasch Ind : Hydraulic binary adder
  • Patent:GB954503 08.04.1964 Commw Scient Ind Res Org : Improvements in apparatus for adding one substance to another in controlled proportions
  • Patent:GB954993 08.04.1964 Olympia (P) Werke AG : A device for typewriters, calculating machines or like machines
  • Patent:GB955208 15.04.1964 Cameron, James Adam (P) J B and S Lees Ltd : A device for calculating the weight of a coil of strip material
  • Patent:GB956057 22.04.1964 Marcel Levy Lebar : Mechanical and electronic calculator
  • Patent:GB957101 06.05.1964 Rca Corp : Binary half adder
  • Patent:GB958083 13.05.1964 Walther (P) Büromaschinen GmbH : Improvements in or relating to calculating machines
  • Patent:GB958879 27.05.1964 Morris Buttler, James : A set of slide rules for betting calculations
  • Patent:GB960108 10.06.1964 Rahmig, Walter (P), Brunner, Hans (P) Triumphator (P) Werk Veb : A setting and printing mechanism for calculating machines
  • Patent:GB962836 08.07.1964 Ronald George Mander : Device for assisting the computation of the approximate weight of coils and round solids
  • Patent:GB964032 15.07.1964 IBM (P) : Improvements in and relating to adder circuits
  • Patent:GB965830 06.08.1964 [[Sperry, Rand Corp : Parallel adder with fast carry network
  • Patent:GB966779 19.08.1964 Finanziaria Siderurgica Finsid : A method for proportioning the humidifying water in a finely divided
  • Patent:GB967787 26.08.1964 Sperry Rand (P) : Pin Box
  • Patent:GB968140 26.08.1964 Singer Supreme Co Inc : Fabric density calculating means
  • Patent:GB971192 30.09.1964 Margit Hickson : Improvements in or relating to slide-rule calculating devices
  • Patent:GB971468 30.09.1964 Lloyd, John George (P) und Kitz, Norbert (P) und Drage, James John (P) und Mansford, Hugh Lyon (P) Bell Punch (P) Co Ltd : Improvements in or relating to calculating machines
  • Patent:GB971865 07.10.1964 IBM (P) : Arrangement for reconverting shilling and penny amounts represented as decimal poundsterling values
  • Patent:GB972570 14.10.1964 Lloyd, John George (P) Bell Punch (P) Co Ltd : Improvements in or relating to calculating machines
  • Patent:GB972637 14.10.1964 Pocock, Frederick Molins Machine Comp. Ltd. : Improvements in or relating to devices for analysing statistical information
  • Patent:GB974346 04.11.1964 Siemag Feinmechanische Werke GmbH : Switch arrangement for the selective switching of calculating mechanisms in electro-mechanical book-keeping machines, according to a predeter
  • Patent:GB974530 04.11.1964 Addo (P) Ab : Improvements in or relating to arrangements in calculating machines for setting up members electromechanically
  • Patent:GB976282 25.11.1964 Kienzle (P) Apparate GmbH : Taximeter or like calculating machine

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