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Patentdatenbank  Großbritannien  1965

  • Patent:GB1000552 04.08.1965 Walther (P) Büromaschinen GmbH : Improvements in or relating to adding or calculating machines
  • Patent:GB1000776 11.08.1965 Starrett, , Rupert Morton (P)]] : Electrically powered keyboard and transfer mechanism for ten key adding or calculating machine
  • Patent:GB1000939 11.08.1965 Contraves AG : Improvements in and relating to parallel adding means for decimal stores coded binarily according to a four digit weight code
  • Patent:GB1001096 11.08.1965 Max, Jacques (P) und Chevalier, Henri (P) Commissariat Energie Atomique : Apparatus for calculating automatically correlation factors and functions
  • Patent:GB1003248 02.09.1965 IBM (P) : Improvements in or relating to digital adding circuitry
  • Patent:GB1004383 15.09.1965 Monroe (P) Calculating Machine Comp. : A calculating machine including a decimal point mechanism
  • Patent:GB1004384 15.09.1965 Monroe (P) Calculating Machine : Decimal system for calculating machines comprising an overcapacity control
  • Patent:GB1007374 13.10.1965 Richter Karl, Richter Manfred Buchungsmaschinenwerk Veb : An electronic store adapted to receive sub-products from calculating
  • Patent:GB1007425 13.10.1965 Addmaster (P) Corp : Calculating machine
  • Patent:GB1010223 17.11.1965 Transvertex (P) AB : Improvements in and relating to cryptographic machines
  • Patent:GB1010461 17.11.1965 Norton, Richard Boyd Roller Rules Ltd. : Improvements in band calculators
  • Patent:GB1014680 31.12.1965 Johnson Ivan Boris David Smith and Sons Ltd S : Improvements in or relating to apparatus for calculating the weighted average of twoor more numbers
  • Patent:GB979150 01.01.1965 Clark, John Arnold (P) Addo Limited (P) : An improved calculator for teaching simple arithmetic
  • Patent:GB981717 27.01.1965 Henri Boutillon Boutillon S A Ets : Improved indicating and calculating apparatus
  • Patent:GB982721 10.02.1965 Plaut, Michael (P) Nat Res Dev : Adding machine
  • Patent:GB982722 10.02.1965 Plaut, Michael (P) Nat Res Dev : Adding machine
  • Patent:GB982800 10.02.1965 Addmaster (P) Corp. : Calculating machine
  • Patent:GB984279 24.02.1965 Aktiebolaget Original-Odhner (P) : Registers for Adding Machines, Book-Keeping Machines and other Calculating Machines
  • Patent:GB984996 03.03.1965 Cyrille Robert Philippelazare : Improvements in and relating to calculating apparatus
  • Patent:GB987609 31.03.1965 IBM (P) : Improvements in digital calculating devices
  • Patent:GB988085 07.04.1965 Meggitt, John Edward (P), Owen, Charles Edward (P), Metcalfe, Harry (P) IBM (P) : Improvements in digital electric calculating apparatus
  • Patent:GB988744 07.04.1965 Churton, John (P) Council Scient Ind Res : Solar calculator
  • Patent:GB992094 12.05.1965 Babel, Michael (P) : Planimeter
  • Patent:GB993934 02.06.1965 IBM (P) : Improvements relating to punched-card-operated calculating machines
  • Patent:GB995041 10.06.1965 Svenska Dataregister (P) AB : Accounting machine
  • Patent:GB996747 30.06.1965 Sud Aviation : Electrical calculating apparatus for dividing or multiplying any number by a given factor
  • Patent:GB997070 30.06.1965 Shiepe, Edward Michael : Nomographic computing device
  • Patent:GB997186 07.07.1965 Sud Aviation, T A M Sa Pour Tous App S Mecan : Calculating measuring apparatus, more particularly a fluid dispenser

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