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Patentdatenbank  Großbritannien  1968

  • Patent:GB1102847 14.02.1968 Leeds & Northrup Co : Estimated tap temperature calculator for basic oxygen furnace
  • Patent:GB1103659 21.02.1968 Ing. C. Olivetti (P) und C. S.p.A. : Power driving device for a calculating machine
  • Patent:GB1104143 21.02.1968 Carlsen, Erling Adolf (P) und Carlsen, Henning Gunnar (P) Contex (P) : Calculating machine
  • Patent:GB1104407 28.02.1968 Goldstein, Alan Jay (P) Western Electric Co : Digital calculating arrangements
  • Patent:GB1105694 13.03.1968 Computron Corp : Calculating machine
  • Patent:GB1105695 13.03.1968 Computron, Corp : Calculating machine
  • Patent:GB1107651 27.03.1968 Rowe, William Brian (P) Wickman Scrivener Ltd : Calculating device for use with centreless grinding machines
  • Patent:GB1108719 03.04.1968 C Olivetti (P) and C Societa Per Azi : Automatic document feeding device for a printing mechanism of an adding or accounting machine
  • Patent:GB1108828 03.04.1968 Higgins, John Harvey : Apparatus for determining the value or other characteristic of an article per unit weight
  • Patent:GB1109132 10.04.1968 Itek Corp : Apparatus for adding information to data storage media
  • Patent:GB1110070 18.04.1968 List, Hans (P) : Apparatus for calculating the integrals of time-dependent functions
  • Patent:GB1112214 01.05.1968 Ng Kek Haut : Calculating instrument
  • Patent:GB1113256 08.05.1968 Retel, Rene (P) Rhone Poulenc Sa : Slide rule
  • Patent:GB1113699 15.05.1968 Wilhelm Friedrich Braun : A device for calculating exponential functions
  • Patent:GB1114917 22.05.1968 Blundell Rules Ltd : Improvements in or relating to Slide Rules
  • Patent:GB1114989 22.05.1968 : Improvements in or relating to an Ellipsograph
  • Patent:GB1117278 19.06.1968 Shell Int Research : Flow control for adding small quantities of material to a flowing stream
  • Patent:GB1117472 19.06.1968 Ricoh Kk : A device for performing direct multiplications of factors set on an adding machine by a short-cutting method
  • Patent:GB1118108 26.06.1968 Joseph Fox : Calculating machine
  • Patent:GB1118714 03.07.1968 Vyzk Ustav Matemat Stroju : A parallel adder circuit
  • Patent:GB1121511 31.07.1968 Texaco Development Corp : Analog calculator
  • Patent:GB1122664 07.08.1968 Ferner, Valentin (P) Teltov Geraete Regler : Pneumatic calculating apparatus
  • Patent:GB1124623 21.08.1968 Fripp, Alan (P) und Drage, James John (P) : Improvements in or relating to calculating machines
  • Patent:GB1125293 28.08.1968 Alfred Henry Fielding Richardson : Improvements in or relating to calculating devices
  • Patent:GB1127840 18.09.1968 Eldata Ges Fur Elektronische D : Keyboard for electronic accounting, invoicing, computing and
  • Patent:GB1128213 25.09.1968 Paul Milton Pepper : Improvements in or relating to calculating devices of the slide rule type
  • Patent:GB1129206 02.10.1968 Frans Willem Ruys : Apparatus for actuating a result unit of a calculating machine, and the like, each time when the apparatus is operated
  • Patent:GB1129512 09.10.1968 Braha, Gabriel (P) : Improvements in or relating to principal strain calculators
  • Patent:GB1130613 16.10.1968 Donald Wright : Improvements in calculating devices
  • Patent:GB1131119 23.10.1968 Arkless, George Frederick (P) : Calculator for use in angling
  • Patent:GB1131329 23.10.1968 Dorey, Frederick Charles (P) British Airports Authority : Calculator for use in computing charges made by time
  • Patent:GB1131958 30.10.1968 IBM (P) : Binary adder
  • Patent:GB1132204 30.10.1968 Clark, Asby James Leslie (P) Addo Limited (P) : An ancillary device to extend the scope and range of application of calculators used to teach simple arithmetic
  • Patent:GB1132214 30.10.1968 Gross, Henry (P) und Gross, Samuel (P) : Improvements in or relating to cash registers and like adding machines
  • Patent:GB1132731 06.11.1968 Kitz, Norbert (P) Bell Punch (P) Co Ltd : Improvements in or relating to calculating machines
  • Patent:GB1136015 11.12.1968 Olivetti (P) und Co Spa : A paper feed mechanism for a printing calculating or like machine
  • Patent:GB1136283 11.12.1968 Norman Herbert Wetherill Sydney Blott British Railways Board : Calculators
  • Patent:GB1137171 18.12.1968 Monroe (P) Internat Corp : Rounding off means for calculating machines
  • Patent:GB1137729 27.12.1968 Gang, Herman (P) Litton Business Systems Inc : A memory device for a calculating machine
  • Patent:GB1292951 15.10.1968 Bastow, Donald (P), Morgan, Harold Raymond (P) : Improvements in or relating to calculators

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