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Diskussion:Burlington Adder

I own a Burlington Adder and can add a little more information.

The bands in this ribbon adder are made off linked sheet metal rectangles. There are no separate result windows, instead every 10th link has an oval cutout which displays a digit of the result from a fixed column of digits behind the chain. This is quite unusual and makes reading the result rather awkward. Each chain has 30 links.

The logo on this adder is an imitation of the logo of a railroad based in Burlington, Iowa which was called "Burlington Route". The logo of this railroad in that era had a wide red border which is shown as a double line border engraved around the adder's logo. Even the font used was the same. There is a historical association for the Burlington Route railroad and one of the members told me that they know of products from canned vegetables to jeans that also imitated the "Burlington Route" logo.

There are very few of these adders left. I only know of 1 other which is in a museum. Either they didn't sell well or didn't survive. It's quite large for what it does, so I expect most of them were discarded. It is an oddity, but not of much interest otherwise since it is mostly a more durable and larger imitation of the Basset Ribbon adder. Even the carry flags work the same say.

I can upload a photo if anyone is interested.